Thread Matters: 28wt

In the past few months we have been taking a look at some of the different threads that Aurifil makes and this month the 28-weight thread has its moment in the spotlight.

The 28wt thread is available in all 270 of Aurifil’s glorious Cotton colours and is wound on a grey spool (small, large, or cone!). It thicker than the 40wt or 50wt (if you need a reminder about how thread is weighted click here) and because of that, it can be used in a variety of situations where the thinner thread is not ideal.


It is perfect for hand piecing, big stitch quilting, machine embroidery, and if you use a double strand it works well for cross stitch projects and wool applique.  But… free-motion/machine quilting and machine appliqué is where the 28wt really shines! Whether on a longarm or a domestic machine, using the 28wt thread allows the thread to take center stage.


The 28-weight thread is heavy enough to make a significant visual impact on a quilt top but fine enough to allow you to backtrack stitches as necessary.  Like all Aurifil threads, it’s very strong and, for a thread this thick, produces minimal lint.

Photo by Kitty Wilkin


  • Use a slightly larger needle (90/14 topstitch, denim, or quilting for example)
  • Make your stitch length a little bit longer (more of the gorgeous thread to see!)
  • Adjust bobbin tension (If necessary, I use 50 weight – usually color #2600 – in the bobbin but some folks use 28. It’s really personal preference here so we recommend that you try different methods to see what works for you!)

Several designers and Aurifil Artisans love working with the 28 weight:

“I love the way Aurifil 28 weight sits on top of the quilt, standing out, becoming part of the design element of the quilt.”
Mary Menzer of Mary Menzer Designs 

Flight Path by Mary Menzer

“Oh What Fun!  Drop or cover those feed dogs, grab your gloves, put that darning foot on, and get filling-in that tree with 28wt ….” — Karen Miller of Redbird Quilt Co. via Auribuzz, The Subtle Tree


You can see Karen talk about (and use!) the 28wt thread in an amazing Free Motion Quilting demo at our booth during the Spring Quilt Market 2017.

“I love to create beautiful appliqué by machine more than any other type of quilting that I do. The products that I use are essential to the success of the piece, which is why I prefer Aurifil 28wt threads for my fine machine appliqué. The 28wt thread is superior because of the slight thickness in the width of the thread that allows the stitches to show better than other brands and makes the beautiful stitches “pop”. It has a sheen to it that is the perfect decorative touch that I look for. With Aurifil threads, I’m able to match the threads exactly to the fabrics in my appliqué. I’m so happy with results that the 28wt Aurifil threads add to my quilts – and I don’t use it just for appliqué. I also use it for machine quilting!” — Annie Smith



  2. Several collections feature the 28wt, click here for a full list or browse the selections highlighted below!
  3. Email to chat with someone on our sales team about where to find the threads in your area or online.



  1. Great article. Your free-motion is spectacular! I have got to give 28 wt a bit more attention, as 50 wt feels most of the love. Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

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