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We get a little giddy each time Aurifil Designer Aneela Hoey introduces a new book or pattern. She always incorporates Aurifil and often even uses the spools as the stunning models we always hope that they’ll be. Her book Stitched Sewing Organizers was nearly dedicated to creating gorgeous and handy little ways to organize your Aurifil threads, along with a variety of other delightful sewing notions. Her latest book, Stitch & Sew (C&T), is the next in Aneela’s long line of lovely. <3

The projects all combine embroidery and sewing and serve as a wonderful showcase for our AuriFloss. We invited Aneela here to Auribuzz to share a bit more about the book, including some stunning imagery. Thank you Aneela!

The projects in my new book Stitch & Sew combine both embroidery and sewing. There are five pouch projects, with each one showcased in 6 different embroidery motifs. Simply pick your favourite design and get stitching!

Instructions are provided for all embroideries in addition to how to sew the pouches. The sewing element of each of the projects has deliberately been kept to simple basic items that have endless uses – a drawstring pouch, clutch, flex case, change purse, and zipper pouch. The idea is that you quickly end up with a repertoire of default projects to make over and over again.

In addition to the projects there is also a comprehensive section on embroidery basics and a skill builder project – the Embroidered Sampler Notebook – designed to get you thinking and stitching creatively.  With plenty of both basic and advanced stitches, this book is ideal for all skill levels.

The first embroidery I stitched up for the book was the Buttercup design. As soon as I’d finished this one, I just loved the combination of the Aurifloss on the Essex Yarn Dyed linen. The colours are beautiful and really pop on the fabric.

I continued using Aurifloss for pretty much the entire book!  I also tried out using the Aurifil 12wt Lana thread for some of the pieces. Again the threads and fabric perfectly complemented each other.

I experimented on some of the designs by combining the Aurifloss and Lana 12wt on different elements. The contrast between the two creates plenty of additional interest.

Whether you are new to embroidery or have been stitching for years I hope you find plenty in the book to inspire you!




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Aneela Hoey is a textile designer and pattern writer.  She designs fabric lines with Cloud 9 fabrics and also previously designed for Moda Fabrics.  Her sewing and embroidery patterns are available in her online shop whilst her books Little Stitches and Stitched Sewing Organizers(published by Stash Books/C&T) are widely available in Bookshops.



100% Aurifil Cotton 6-strand Floss, 10 Small Spools
Colors included:
1104 – 6723 – 5022 – 4644 – 2425
2479 – 2415 – 6725 – 2145 – 5015


  1. Love the ideas you showed from Aneela’s new book. I love bags and organization so it looks great.

  2. I always have a handwork project on the go for sitting and waiting moments (or hours). Aneela’s book provides some more options. It looks wonderful!

  3. I just started doing stitching. I am finding it very relaxing although I am still doing simple stitches. These would make such cute gifts.

  4. I love that it’s not only relaxing, but that I can take it with me wherever I go. I am often in the hospital or at treatments and it’s so nice to have something with me to do to keep my mind busy and keep me relaxed, and also make something beautiful!

  5. I really enjoy hand stitching. I find it is very relaxing and the portability can’t be beat! I already have Aneela’s book but would love to try the Aurifil thread in the embroidery stitches.

  6. there is nothing more relaxing in the evening than a glass of wine and some slow stitching.

  7. With hand stitching I’m able to slow down and enjoy the beauty that my hands can create with just a needle and thread. It’s very relaxing and helps center the mind.

  8. I love the meditative process of hand stitch and how portable hand stitch is. One can create a little bit of lovely while one waits.

  9. I love how relaxing it can be without the urge to rush, like when you’re working on a sewing machine

  10. I like the pace of hand sewing. And I think it’s interesting to start with just a piece of fabric and embellish it with thread one stitch at a time.

  11. I rarely sit without having some hand sewing in my hands. I find it relaxing, and I love that I am accomplishing something during my down time. Right now I am working on an EPPed queen size quilt. I haven’t done hand embroidery for several years, but I use to do a lot. Those pouches look darling.

  12. The thing I like the most is being able to sit anywhere and stitch………in front of the TV, under a tree outside, with three cats lying on top of me……..anywhere works.

  13. I love sitting in my favorite place and quietly reflect in awe what my hands can carefully create.

  14. I need some handwork projects since I am so often away from my machine. I loved Aneela’s last book!

  15. I love the relaxation of hand work and my first sewing “lesson “ was embroidering a pillowcase!!!
    Awesome!!! Thank you!!

  16. I love to get up early, when the house is quiet and quietly stitch away on an embroidery project. It’s my time.

  17. Such a pretty collection, and fun ideas. I just like that it is relaxing, and productive at the same time.

  18. Amazing needlework! I like how relaxing hand stitching is & the sense of accomplishment when I’m done.

  19. Always loved hand stitching since I was a little girl and I love learning more each and every time I read about new creative ideas.

  20. Love all the different stitches & the creativity. I’m new at it & looking forward to using Aurfil floss!

  21. I like hand stitching because most of the time it is relaxing. I also like because it is portable.

  22. Hand sewing gives so much texture and life to my projects. Especially Aurifil, I’m getting constant compliments on my Bucket Bag where all I did was hand stitch straight lines.

  23. I love watching your stitching turn into a beautiful piece and knowing it was all handmade.

  24. I love taking the time for creating when I am hand stitching. I have to be present and focused and it is a good break from multi tasking!

  25. I love the fact that I can just sit and sew and it is so relaxing. I don’t have to rely on a machine to make my stitches it is all me.

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