Thread Matters: The Aurifilosophy Special Exhibit

2019 has been a grand year for thread education as we kicked off our Aurifilosophy program.

Twenty-one trained and knowledgeable Aurifilosophers offered programs to quilt shops and guilds across the country. All in all, we’ve educated nearly 1000 quilters on the benefits, uses, and secrets of Aurifil thread.

You see, we believe that education is key… that sharing extensive knowledge on the construction, nature, and behavior of Aurifil threads will inspire, educate, and enable all makers to achieve brilliant results.

In addition to programs offered locally, we’ve been working with Aurifilosophers on other opportunities to share tips, tricks, and techniques. Our Thread Matters series kicked off in January and we’ve featured a new educational post every month since. Head here to check out the full series.

Today’s post highlights another forum for thread education. We’re taking the opportunity to feature a special exhibit that is currently on display at International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX. Fourteen Aurifilosophers came together to present Aurifilosophy: Education for the Love of Thread. There are 15 total quilts in the exhibit and four Learning Spot features, detailing the techniques used to create four of the show quilts.

We’re thrilled to showcase all exhibit quilts here today — both full quilt + detail shot — for those who were unable to attend Quilt Market or Quilt Festival. We are awed by the work done by these remarkably talented artists! <3

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
270 Colors, 70″ x 85″

Lorraine Turner
A Promise Kept, 31″ x 28″ 

HollyAnne Knight
Aldebaran, 35″ x 56″

Karen Miller
A Quilter’s Doodles, 32″ x 45″

Aurifil 2017 Designer of the Month Quilt, 86″ x 86″
Organized by Pat Sloan — full credits here

Christa Watson
Diamond in the Rough, 58″ x 64″

Pat Sloan
Ferris Wheel, 70″ x 68″

Sarah Maxwell
Finite Struggle Infinite Hope, 67″ x 40″

Barbara Persing
Firelight Peony, 60″ x 39″

The Learning Spot, Edge Coloring Appliqué

Amanda Murphy
Folklore, 75″ x 75″

Patricia Belyea
Leaf Berry, 40″ x 50″

The Learning Spot, Sashiko 2 Machine Stitching

Annie Smith
Love is Spoken Here, 59″ x 72″

The Learning Spot, Machine Appliqué

Sarah Thomas
Neoteric, 54″ x 60″

Karen Miller
Simply Spring Fleur, 45″ x 45″

The Learning Spot, Crochet Edge Embellishment

Wendy Sheppard
Thread Journey, 50″ x 50″

We’re poised and ready to take 2020 to the next level, with new Aurifilosophers coming on board, in the US, Canada, and beyond!

To learn more about Aurifilosophy, view upcoming events, or locate an Aurifilosopher to speak at your shop, guild or group event, check out our website.


  1. I saw Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill’s beautiful 270 Colors at the Houston show, but I had limited time and could not look at the rest of the exhibit. I am so glad you posted it here, thank you!

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