Andrà Tutto Bene || Embroidery + Needleturn Appliqué

The Andrà Tutto Bene quilt pattern by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill was created in partner with Aurifil and inspired by the children of Italy who use their own remarkable creativity as an outlet for human connection in these crazy times.

Andrà Tutto Bene… simple words made powerful when accompanied by a rainbow and displayed on posters and banners throughout the country. They hang in windows, on fences, & above doors– anywhere to be seen by passersby on the street, walking dogs, making trips to the grocery, commuting to jobs deemed essential. The artwork became a way to maintain that human connection. To instill a sense of calm… that we are all in this together and that yes, while times are tough… everything will be okay.

Today, we’re pleased to share another Aurifil Designer mini inspired by Sheri’s stunning pattern. Jo Avery of Stitch Gathering UK is one of our absolute favorites. When sorting through project images, we routinely end up in conversations about Jo… how stunning her work is, how beautiful her photos are. She is both extraordinarily talented and knowledgeable and is a wonderful educator.

We reached out to Jo to create a version of this powerful mini and asked her to share her techniques for adding her chosen text. You can read more about her process, find a free printable template for her text, and follow along with her tutorial over on her blog.

Jo: I love the mini quilt and hadn’t yet made anything rainbow themed (which is de rigueur for crafters in this lockdown season!) so I was very happy to join in and decided to use both of my great loves, embroidery and needle-turn applique, to create my text.

Jo: Sheri’s pattern is really excellent and I enjoyed choosing my rainbow fabrics. Thinking ahead to the embroidery I would be adding later, I chose Essex Linen in Unbleached White for the clouds.

Don’t forget to check out Jo’s blog post for more info! We are simply in love with this one! HUGE thanks to Jo for playing along with us and spreading a bit of joy along the way!

It’s been a delight to see designers, quilters, and makers worldwide working through different versions of this emotional but hopeful mini quilt. We’d encourage you to check out #andratuttobenequilt on Instagram. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to create your own version to hang or to share!

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A lifetime of playing with fabric and yarn has culminated in a career as a teacher, entrepreneur and designer. Jo’s natural affinity with colour and detail informs all her quilts as well as a love of intricate techniques such as needle-turn applique and embroidery. Straddling both modern and traditional aesthetics, she enjoys inspiring others through her workshops and retreats.

As well as teaching regularly at her Edinburgh studio Jo runs the adjoining shop, organises the annual Stitch Gathering retreat and designs quilts and projects for a wide range of quilting publications and books.

Alongside Karen Lewis and Lynne Goldsworthy she is part of  The Thread House,  a UK based quilting retreat and pattern publishing venture.

In any odd moments left she crochets shawls, knits socks, eats liquorice, listens to the Archers, and dreams of the day when she can take delivery of her longed for miniature donkeys!

** Images by Jo Avery

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