Today we are thrilled to share the next monthly showcase from members of our 2021-2022 Aurifil Artisan team! During the month of September we asked the team to make a project that had been upcycled in some way. We love the variety of projects and the creativity that our Artisans have displayed this month.

*Click each Artisans name below to see more info*

Amy of @coffeeringsstudio – “I quilted with 28wt for the first time for my up-cycled projects this month. It worked beautifully for both straight line and free motion quilting and really “pops” from the thick blankets, tweed scraps and shirts I used for these patchwork cushions. Some of the very thick seams (why did I chose to do linked half square triangles with heavy fabric?!) were a challenge but I had no problems piecing with my patchwork-loving 50wt.”

Jamie of @gummywormbelly – “This month I turned some former garments into napkins! The best part of this project wasn’t just finished objects that are cute and practical, but also getting to bless my new craft space with a freshly wound bobbin of 50wt to sew them up with.”

Kathy of @kathy_ross_art – “I worked on an old rain jacket for the September Upcycling project. I t had lots of tiny tears and paint stains so i created a series of back patches using fabric collage overlaid with free motion embroidery in 40wt thread. Each patch worked to cover a different rip or stain, and i added so hand embroidered details with aurifloss to bring the whole design together.”

Allie of @exhaustedoctopus – “I thrifted things that were white and textured, used organic indigo dye to dye them different shades of blue, and pieced them together in an organic art quilt. In here are parts of one pillowcase, three button down shirts, a romper, two dresses, a long skirt, children’s shorts, four lacy tops, a pair of adult pants, a dish towel, and pieces of a shower curtain. I handquilted the piece with 12wt Aurifil thread in both an off white and a dark blue. No ruler involved here – I just followed the lines as it felt right.”

Isabelle of @southbaybella – “A sentimental, but not quite the right style, gift transforms into a favorite new bag.”

Eliane of @Patchworkandpoodles – “I turned a thrifted wool coat into a pouf for my living room and stuffed it with batting and fabric scraps for the ultimate upcycle project!”

Henrik of @herrschaftenmueller – “Many of you might not know this about me but before I started quilting I had sort of an art project where I turned old comic books into killer wallets. I really liked making them for a while but eventually stopped. And since I am not making them anymore I think I can share the secret of how I made them.”

Amari of @nextgenquilting – “Fabric scraps, old sheets and a cozy throw blanket were all repurposed to create this beautiful scrappy quilt! The quilt top is made with fabric scraps, the batting is an old flannel sheet, and the quilt back is an upcycled minky throw blanket. I used 50 wt thread for piecing and a 40 wt variegated thread for quilting.”

Lucy of @_lucyengels – “My upcycling project is still a work in progress. I am recovering a chair which used to belong to a family member. Giving it a fresh new look in vibrant yellow. With quilted texture using coordinating 28wt.”

Have you every made an upcycled project?

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