Aurifil Color Builders: the Island Batik Ambassador Thread Challenge

Have you met the original Aurifil Color Builders?

A capsule of twelve curated mini-collections inspired by Italy’s most vibrant and colorful destinations, each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark — within the location’s primary color palette. 

We’ve simply can’t get enough of these luscious spools. They are an ode to our heritage, a visual display of love and respect for our favorite Italian locations.

As such, we relish every opportunity we have to herald and highlight this color-filled series, which brings us today to the incredibly inspired work of the magnificent Island Batik Ambassador team. Island Batik has been a revered Aurifil partner for years and we were delighted that they chose to challenge their makers to create something new, inspired by our Italian Color Builders.

Check out a full showcase below, city by city, and make sure to click on the artist names to explore each individual project. HUGE thanks to the folks at Island Batik and to all of their Ambassadors!

Your morning begins with a brisk walk through the city, down a series of narrow cobblestoned streets, the noise of trams and weaving vespas giving way to the morning bustle. The streets are bursting with smartly dressed people, soaking up the morning sun, sipping fresh coffee, and reading the daily paper. The sweet smell of jasmine lingers in the air, and a new day begins in Milan.

L: Reed Johnson | R: Brianna Roberts

The sun beats overhead as you slowly make your way through the ruins. Bright red stones stand out against shades of soft grey and white, telling silent stories of an ancient and tragic history. Pompeii stands as a remarkable tribute to a once vibrant city, looking out over the mighty Mount Vesuvius, whispering of the strength of the Italian people.

L: Claudia Porter | R: Gail Sheppard

The lush green of the Alpine meadows stretches in front of you, forming a path that leads to the gigantic grey peaks of the Dolomites. Fresh, clean air fills your lungs and the faint clatter of cow bells can be heard in the distance. Lago di Braies sparkles in the distance, sharing a dazzling display of colors that seem to shift from emerald to sapphire under the light of the midday sun.

L: Elizabeth DeCroos | R: Leah Malasky

An evening stroll through the narrow streets of Verona leads you to an outdoor café in the Piazza overlooking the Colosseum. The sun is just starting to set, casting a soft light on the magnificent stone structure. You find a table, order a cocktail, and take in the jovial sounds of Figaro’s Aria from Rossini’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia taking place inside.

L: Jennifer Fulton | R: Anorina Morris

The Spiaggia Rosa sparkles and glistens in the Summer sun. Waves lap at the shore while your feet slowly sink deeper into the pink sand. You stand, perfectly still, a light breeze brushing your skin. You look out over the sprawling turquoise of the Mediterranean Sea, taking in the subtle scents of the flowering Mirto plants in the distance.  

Clockwise, L to R: Jane Hauprich, Emily Leachman, Maryellen McAuliffe

You watch intently as the Brunate Funicular slowly makes its way up the mountain from Como. As the mechanical noises of the train fade, your eyes shift and scan the lakeshore, taking in the magnificence of the private villas. Boats skim across the water while the sun shines brightly above, the vibrant sky reflected in the pristine blue waters of the lake.

L: Pamela Boatright | R: Andi Stanfield

You take your place at the table, prepping for an evening of good food and laughter. The table sits outside, overlooking a sprawling vineyard. Crickets are chirping and the air is cooled by a light breeze. It’s evening and the sun is just creeping toward the horizon, spilling rich orange hues across the sky. You’re struck by the expansive beauty and entranced by the magnificence of an Italian sunset.

L: Preeti Harris | R: Mania Hatziioannidi

The sun shines above while your sailboat gracefully cuts through the water, creating soft ripples and scattering schools of fish below. Your eyes scan the rocky shoreline, a parade of jagged structures that serve as a stark juxtaposition to the clear and crisp waters, highlighting varying shades of teal that stretch out toward the horizon. You can feel the salt on your skin, soon to be a reminder of your day at the sea.

L: Megan Best | R: Suzy Webster

You step out onto the terrace, balancing a tray of cannoli in one hand and a carafe of coffee in the other. Breakfast is al fresco, overlooking the faint silhouette of Greek temple ruins in the distance. The scent of citrus lingers in the air, a delightfully subtle reminder of the lemon trees below. 

L: Denise Looney | R: Jennifer Thomas

Wind whips through your hair as your ’63 Alfa Romeo speeds along the edge of the Mediterranean coastline. The brightly colored houses look like an impressionist painting, highlighted by blue skies and twinkling sunlight. A burst of color catches your eye and you pull over to admire the Bougainvillea, its beauty accentuated by the soft hum of bumblebees. 

L: Brenda Alburl | R: Sandra Starley

You stand at the top of the Duomo, 463 steps conquered, now rewarded with the sprawling views of Florence. Your eyes take in the sea of terracotta roofs below, making way for bustling markets, rushing tourists, and busy cafes… the Ponte Vecchio sparkling in the distance. The smell of rich leather and roasted coffee wafts through the air. 

L: Connie Kauffman | R: Gail Renna

There is a low rumble and your eyes open wide in wonder as the 4×4 climbs to new heights, exploring the jagged cliffs of one of Carrara’s Marble Quarries. The landscape is uniquely majestic, harsh angles cut into the hillside, giving way to a stone once used to build the Pantheon, once chiseled and carved to create the famed sculptures of the Renaissance.

L: Lisa Pickering | R: Michelle Roberts

Which magical destination has you feeling inspired? Where will you travel first? Happy Stitching!


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