Your Key To Quilting Success: Aurifil + OLFA

We’ve teamed up with our friends at OLFA for a fabulous monthly series that will answer all sorts of questions about OLFA tools & Aurifil threads. Whether you’re just getting started, looking for specific answers, or are interested in key tips and tricks, this series is for you! 

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Tips for Hand Quilting with Aurifil 12wt

Aurifil’s 12wt/2ply thread comes in all 270 of our Cotton colors and is wound on a red spool. It is the heaviest weight thread that we offer and is perfect for hand quilting your favorite projects. 

  • Use a quality hand needle that won’t break or bend during the process of hand quilting ensuring the eye of the needle is large enough to accommodate the heavier weight thread.  Consider a crewel or embroidery needle in size 5 or a chenille needle in size 24.  
  • Avoid the thread getting fuzzy or weakened by threading the needle with a short length of thread, approximately 12-15”, or roughly the length of your forearm.  
  • Stitch with the nap of the thread by knotting the last end cut and threading the needle with the opposite end.
  • Use a sturdy quilt hoop to secure the layers of the project for stitching.
  • Use an open-side thimble for ease of pushing the needle and thread through the quilt layers. 

Keeping your rotary blades fresh and safe 

  • Replace blades when they are showing signs of wear.
  • Keep rotary cutters out of the reach of children. Use one of our locking handles if you have these concerns.

Find the OLFA® handle that works best for you 

  • With four sizes of blades, from 18mm to 60mm, plus eight different handle styles, there’s something that will match everyone’s needs. Besides the traditional OLFA® yellow, some of our handles come in special colors that will enhance your décor. Designed for either left-hand or right-hand use by reversing the assembly of the blade. All OLFA® cutters come with a hang hole for easy storage.
  • Next month we will dig into what sizes work best for what projects
OLFA RTY-2/NS, RTY-2/C, RTY-2C/NBL, RTY-4, and RTY-1/C quick change rotary cutter family

Join us next month for more handy educational nuggets! HUGE thanks to OLFA for their continued partnership!


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