Thread Journey: Process of Quilting, Part 3


Are you having fun with the Thread Journey Quilt Along with Wendy Sheppard? We’ve noticed a few more photos popping up on Instagram and just love seeing your progress! This week’s installment brings us through step three of the process of quilting: the borders! We are so grateful for Wendy’s instruction and are truly head over heels for her quilt.

Don’t forget to tag us when you share your photos so we can share in your progress —  Wendy (@ivory_spring), Aurifil (@aurifilthread)and #threadjourneyquiltalong. Have fun and happy stitching!

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Hello Quilting Friends, I hope you have been well. I have heard of some of you quilting your Thread Journey quilt with wool batting, and am really liking the wool! Kudos! Today, we will just tackle the next border in case you need a bit more time to catch up. That Ohio Star border is quite a bit to quilt. Like last week, I will first share with you how I quilted mine, and then, offer a couple more options.


Gray Inner Border
a. How I quilted mine
I quilted a one-sided feather plume to go around the entire border, this time with the feather lobes originating from the outer edge of the border. I then filled in with pebbles to tie things in with the previous border.


To quilt the pebbly feather border, see the schematic below for steps:

#1. Form feathers at the outer edge of border.

Click here if you would like a quick primer on my thoughts on how I form quilt my feathers.

#2. Fill in the negative space with pebbles. Please feel free to omit this step if you like the poofy negative space. Because I am using wool/cotton layers of batting, not quilting down the negative space makes me feel like I am looking at the negative space as if I am staring at an unmade bed.


I used the only variegated thread from my Subtle Strings collection to quilt the gray border. I will go back to using multiple colors in the outer border. I wanted a bit of calm before the colors. That variegated gray is the perfect choice as it blends well with the gray fabric, but yet still presents visual interest due to the color change when inspected close-up.


b. Other options:
You may definitely use some of the ideas suggested for quilting the narrow border for last week.

#1. Loopies

#2. Swirly border – My solid lines denote the stitching, and the dotted lines denote the return stitching in order to form the next swirl.

#3. Wave – You may choose to just quilt the wavy line down the center of the border, or add a second pass (dotted line) to form a shadow work effect.


Or, three additional ideas shown below since the border is a little wider.

#1. Border within a border

#2. Mirror-imaged feathers

#3. Geometric – this will required a bit of Math and marking with a ruler, but the effect will be stunning



That’s all I have for today! Before I take off, I thought you might like to see how my quilt back is shaping up. Now I kind of wish I had used a solid for the backing fabric. 🙂


Alrightie, I shall see you two weeks from now. I am shooting for having my quilt completely done: bound with hanging sleeve and all.

Have fun quilting, and I hope you will keep enjoying the journey!

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