Moda + Aurifil: Lynne Hagmeier and Minick & Simpson

Today’s installment of  Moda + Aurifil gives us a chance to highlight three more amazing designers: Lynne Hagmeier and Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson of the design duo Minick & Simpson.  <3

Moda Fabrics has been a treasured and dedicated partner, a creative leader, and, above all, an inspiration for years. We so value the collaboration and relish this opportunity to work with such a wonderful team to promote a top-notch list of designers.

Lynne is a quilter, educator, author, pattern designer, shop owner, Moda fabric designer and Aurifil thread collection designer in addition to being the creative mind behind Kansas Troubles Quilters

Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles Quilters

Her debut Aurifil collection launched in Spring of 2016,  a gorgeous selection of 10 small 50wt spools. It was designed to accentuate and highlight fabrics from her Oak Haven collection in addition to Bees n’ Blooms, both available via Moda Fabrics. Now that the collection is over a year old, it’s even more fun to discover that it still coordinates with Lynne’s overall designer palette. It would be a terrific companion to even more recent fabric lines, like Gooseberry Lane and Thistle Farm.

Lynne was kind enough to humor us with a answers to our quickie interview. 🙂 Thanks Lynne!

What do you love most about working with Aurifil Threads?
Aurifil thread is fine, but strong and smooth. I have much less lint around my bobbin and in my machine.

Check out that fab table edge!

Why do you love Moda Fabrics?
Moda fabrics are the best! We buy fabric as much with our fingertips as our eyes. Moda fabrics are so soft and smooth, and the colors so rich, you can practically pick them out blindfolded!

Did you know…
Lynne has a book with Martingale that hits stores in November — Cozy Quilts and Comforts. Though she is already an accomplished author, this is her first release with Martingale!

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Lynne Passport 2x2[1]Lynne learned to quilt over 25 years ago at a local quilt shop in Salina, Kansas, called The Quilting Bee, while working there part time. Her love of quilting evolved from other interests over the years; from cross-stitch & painting to home decorating & antiques. In 2000, Moda fabrics offered Lynne an opportunity to design fabric for their growing company. What a thrill to create a line of fabrics in exactly the colors you want & then make a quilt you’ve designed with that new fabric! In 2001, she & her husband Robert sold their house & moved to a restored two-story brick building in Lynne’s childhood hometown of Bennington, Kansas, to expand her studio & offer Quilting Getaways on the weekends. Robert joined the business full-time, promising Lynne that if she designed & made quilts, he’d do everything else. Lynne is traveling several times a year to quilt shops and guilds across the country to offer programs & workshops from her quilt books & patterns.

Polly Minick & Laurie Simpson are pair of wonderfully talented sisters that make up the design team, Minick & Simpson. Their patterns are stunning and timeless, and Laurie’s applique makes us swoon!

via @minickandsimpson

They are seasoned designers for both Moda and Aurifil — with three glorious thread collections under their belts. The Minick & Simpson Collection is a small box of 50wt threads in cool & classic colors. The Blue Bird Sampler and Portage Lake are large boxes, assembled to coordinate with the duo’s wildly popular Block of the Month programs.

Both of these boxes feature 6 colors in both 50wt and 12wt thread, providing all that is needed to for piecing, applique, AND hand quilting. Perfection!

We adore seeing Laurie’s quilts and the duos quilt patterns!

What do you love most about working with Aurifil Threads?
I use 3 different weights in my work: 50wt for machine piecing and hand applique, 28wt for hand piecing and hand quilting, and 12wt for big stitch quilting. I know my favorite colors and with a spool of my favorites in all 3 weights – I have thread for every need.

Why do you love Moda Fabrics?
Why do I love Moda?!? Mostly the same reasons: great quality and every need is filled. Every style and genre has been covered by my brilliant co-designers. From antique reproductions to contemporary, abstract styles.


Polly and Laurie are sisters that share a love of all things textile.

Laurie is known for the quilts she creates and Polly hooks a rug to match. They have shared and taught their unique folk art style and aesthetic in the United States and in France – occasionally teaching together.  Their fabrics have been rendered in quilting-weight cottons, classic twills and plaids and pure over-dyed wools.  combined all these loves into fabrics that include 100% cotton prints, Classic twills and 100% over-dyed wools.

Polly and Laurie are the authors of several best-selling books – Victory Girls, The Spirit of Sacagawea, American Summer: Seaside Inspired Rugs & Quilts, Folk Art Friends; Hooked Rugs and Coordinating Quilts, Everyday Folk Art: Hooked Rugs and Quilts to Make, Modern Primitive Quilts: Redefining Country Style and Americana Rugs.

They have been also been featured in numerous magazines – national and international – including:  Quiltmania, Country Home, American Patchwork & Quilting, McCall’s Quilting, Victoria, and Architectural Digest.

[Bio courtesy of Moda]

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