2022 Color Builders

The last two years have been a wild ride. We’ve had to stop, adjust, reimagine, reroute, redo.  It’s been a challenge, but in some ways, all of the changes have helped us to slow down, to appreciate the beauty that lives right in front of us, and to experience the small things with a more grateful heart. Perhaps it manifests as an unexpected cool breeze on a hot summer day or the sound of a bird chirping outside your window. Maybe it’s a favorite hike just outside the city or maybe it’s a burst of color that provides the perfect distraction on your Sunday morning stroll. A tree, a flower, a bloom, a petal… the sense of calm and renewal that nature provides is often overlooked, but this year, we are choosing to bring that natural beauty to the forefront. 

Introducing Flora, the 2022 Aurifil Color Builders, offered as a no-fuss subscription service hosted by your favorite local quilt shop. Twelve mini collections featuring 12 irresistible hues broken out into 36 delightful spools of Aurifil thread– delivering inspiration to your doorstep every month for a whole year! 

Our colors were drawn from 12 breathtaking rainforest plants from the Amazon Water Lily and the Bird of Paradise to the Jade Vine and the Spider Lily. These plants are a representation of our earth’s most threatened tropical forests, largely affected by deforestation and climate change. For 2022, Aurifil will be donating to Rainforest Trust, an organization dedicated to the long-term protection of these forests. 

Flora is a celebration of Aurifil’s variegated thread. Aurifil produces 36 variegated thread colors; threads that contain multiple colors or multiple shades of one color. Twenty-four of these shades are represented in the 2022 program. Each set contains 3 large spools of 50wt — 2 variegated and 1 complementary solid. If you are new to Aurifil or to our variegated thread, this subscription is an excellent introduction!

In addition to the thread, subscription holders will receive monthly newsletters with color inspiration, thread education, and an exclusive appliqué pattern designed and developed by Aurifil’s own Kate Brennan in partnership with graphic designer Christina Weisbard. Patterns are centered around flora-themed appliqué, allowing each featured monthly plant to take center stage.

Feeling inspired? Want to get involved? Make sure to reach out to your local quilt shop to secure your 2022 subscription or consult our Thread Concierge to find a participating shop near you. These collections are available for them to order now, with subscription thread clubs kicking off in January. To learn more, check out our full presentation!


  1. Color Builder threads really hard to choose — probably go with Spider Lily. I would like to make a black and white quilt and this would go nicely with that. I was also fascinated by the Bobbin Work article, WOW

  2. I love-love -love Aurifil Thread. I use it for everything from piecing to hand sewing and quilting to machine quilting. I use variegated thread for machine quilting and love the effects created when using decorative stitches!

  3. I can’t wait to try Machine Blanket Edge Stitch Applique by Barb Persing. It looks like so much fun and results in gorgeous texture. I’m also excited to try Karen Miller’s tips for Aurifil monofilament. My favorite choices for color builders are June-blue and .August-mint.

  4. Enjoyed Karen Miller’s blog post regarding monofilament thread. Still building up courage to try!😃. Love the Passion flower color builder-Blue!

  5. Very interested in Sashiko. Favorite color/month = March (though August & November also very cool)

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