Thread Matters: Happy New Year and Welcome 2022!

Hi — I’m Karen L. Miller, Master Educator and Program Coordinator for Aurifilosophy, here to welcome 2022 and the 4th year of Thread Matters – The Aurifilosopher Series with contributions by 35 wildly talented and creative Aurifilosophers from across the globe!

Has your shop, group or guild scheduled an Aurifilosophy event?  Aurifil’s thread education program is all the rage. Both in-person and virtual events are available to schedule with one of our certified educators. From New York to Los Angeles and around the world, our Aurifilosophers are ready to share their knowledge, tips, inspiring projects and enthusiasm with you while educating on the production and use of cotton thread and unique ways you can apply each weight to your projects.  

Review our team of certified Aurifilosophers and contact one to plan your in-person or virtual event today!!

Let’s kick off the new year with a positive outlook, a sewing room full of fabric (and thread), a peek at what to expect for the coming year, and a blast of helpful highlights from previous years posts. For 2022, Aurifilosophers will focus their creative and educational efforts on Aurifil’s beautiful Flora Color Builder Collections, bringing you a variety of ways to apply 12 irresistible hues to your creative projects.

Each Color Builder box contains three large spools of Aurifil 50wt thread, 2 variegated and one complementary solid. We love the opportunity to highlight Aurifil’s variegated threads, our unsung heroes of quilting! Learn all about Aurifil’s variegated threads by clicking HERE.

Boxes are available for purchase through your favorite local quilt shop or online vendor, but I’d encourage you to enroll in Aurifil’s Color Builder Subscription! The subscription includes monthly delivery of one color builder box + one block of the exclusive appliqué Flora BOM designed by Aurifil’s own Kate Brennan. (Learn more about the full program HERE)

Feeling inspired? Want to get involved? It’s not too late to reach out to your favorite quilt shop and secure your 2022 subscription or consult our Thread Concierge to find a participating shop near you. 

I’m swooning over the thread painting and free motion quilting opportunities available to us using these luscious variegated threads. Here’s a sneak peek at one of the projects I have up my sleeve.   

Interested in following along with my Lotus flower color builders free motion doodling? Be sure to sign-up for my newsletter and/or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.   

As an Aurifil Designer, Aurifilospher, Master Educator and Program Coordinator for Aurifilosophy I’m honored to spend time working with our incredible group of Aurifil creatives and educators!! From quilting to garment making, hand embroidery to sashiko, machine embroidery to fiber art, their specialties are wide-ranging, their styles unique, and their passion for their crafts undeniable.

Aurifil’s very first group of Aurifilosophers shown here with Aurifil’s Elena Gregotti & Alex Veronelli

Over the years the Aurifilosophers have shared some inspiring projects and informative blog posts for Aurifil. Today, we’re thrilled to highlight some of our favorites! Remember, it’s super easy to browse all of our Thread Matters posts — simply click here.

Edge Coloring Appliqué with 40wt
by Barbara Persing

“Aurifil 40wt thread is truly perfect for Edge Coloring Appliqué. The weight and strength allows ease of stitching through the layers of fabric, glue, and stabilizer. Quilt with Aurifil 40wt thread in the top and bobbin. Vary the color and hues of the thread to create depth and texture to your piece.” – Barbara Persing 

Machine Blanket Stitch Appliqué with 28wt
by Annie Smith of Annie Smith Quilts

“The 28wt also has a sheen that makes for the perfect decorative touch. I love the added luster.” 

“Choose threads to complement each appliqué layer by unwinding the thread from the spool and positioning it across the appliqué.” 

Machine Embellishing Tips with all Aurifil thread weights
by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis

“As the thread weight increases, it will be necessary to slow the stitch speed… slow and steady for the best results. Increase stitch length as you go. With each additional layer, some of the stitch length will be taken up by the thickness of the appliqué.”

Cross Stitch with Aurifloss
by Wendy and Gwen Sheppard of Ivory Spring

“Just as everyone loves the minimal lint aspect of Aurifil’s cotton spools, I love the minimal lint aspect of Aurifloss. My smocking and cross stitch stitches are so much more crisp when using Aurifloss.”

The wooden spools give such a handwork vibe! Without considering any of the technical aspects of the threads, the wooden spools stole my heart the very first time I came across Aurifloss.

12wt Bobbin Work
by Krista Hennebury of Poppyprint

“Thread shred is remedied with some experimentation and the solution typically lies with the use of an appropriate type and size needle, slowing down your sewing speed and increasing stitch length. My needle of choice for sewing with 12wt is a 90/14 Superior Topstitch!” 

Aurifil Monofilament, Tips and Tricks
by Karen L. Miller of Redbird Quilt Co.

“Monofilament truly allows you to stitch across a variety of fabric colors without changing thread color! The stitches are virtually invisible on most fabrics.”

“Tension: Lower the top tension significantly to minimize the possibility of stretching the thread while stitching.  Some makers choose to set their machine tension to zero – personally a tension setting of 2 works fine on my machine. This is something that you’ll want to adjust to your specific machine and project. Grab a practice sandwich and give it a whirl. You’ll be happy you worked through this step before beginning your project.” 

Quilt as Desired with all Aurifil thread weights
by Donna Morales-Oemig of Follow That Thread

“Now, whenever I am at a show, someone will ask me ‘What is the best weight to quilt with?’ My answer is ‘All of them.’”

“I would encourage you to experiment with the thickness of the quilting thread you choose and enjoy the extra design element the thread line gives to your work. As the saying goes, “it’s not a quilt until it’s quilted”, so grab a top from your stack of finished ones and treat yourself to a nice spool of Aurifil thread in whichever weight gives the look you like. Happy Quilting!” 

Wool, The Thread Cinderella with 12wt
by Jo Avery of The Stitch Gathering

“Did you know you can use Aurifil 12wt wool thread in your sewing machine? It actually works like a dream and as with embroidery I have never had a thread break while stitching. I use Aurifil 50wt in the bobbin and a size 100 needle (though you can get away with 90 at a push).  For quilting I turn my stitch length up to 4 or even 4.5 and the effect is like a super neat backstitch worked by hand.”

“I started experimenting with Aurifil 12wt wool and soon discovered that the effect of crewel wool could be achieved by using two strands together, but with the added advantage of finer detail when using a single strand. As Aurifil wool thread contains 50% acrylic it has extra strength and doesn’t break easily. “

Thread Troubleshooting
by Karen L. Miller of Redbird Quilt Co.

“Thread Breakage: “If you’re using a large spool of Aurifil thread gently twist and loosen the bottom flange to ensure the thread is not pinched and is allowed to draw easily from the spool.”  

“Needle: Old, bent, damaged, or dull needles are trouble. A new needle is the best $1.25 investment you can make in your sewing project.”  

Boro & Sashiko Journal Cover with 50wt and 12wt
by Shannon & Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

“Aurifil 50wt is smooooooooth and slips through fabrics with ease for hand sewing and the mercerized cotton creates less fluff when we use it in our BERNINA B790 Plus so we don’t have to clean out our machine as often as with other cotton threads.”

“This 12wt, 2-ply, mercerized, long-staple cotton thread glides beautifully through any fabric we have stitched on and is less prone to tangling and snarling so we don’t need to use a thread conditioner on it. The stitch definition is bold and clear which is paramount for sashiko.”

That’s a wrap!! Stay tuned to Auribuzz for next month’s installment of Thread Matters featuring the beautiful hues of the February’s Color Builder, Stinking Corpse Lily.

Here’s to a creative new year!
Karen L. Miller – Redbird Quilt Co.

pssssssst. Want to put some of these great ideas to work? Check out Karen’s newsletter, linked below, for a chance to win her Subtle Sampler collection, featuring Aurifil’s 12wt, 28wt, 40wt, 50wt AND Monofilament!

At Aurifil we believe that education is key… that sharing extensive knowledge and truths on the construction, nature, and behavior of Aurifil threads will inspire, educate, and enable all makers to achieve brilliant results.

With that in mind, we’ve trained and certified a global team of dynamic, charismatic, and brand-loyal designers, artisans, and educators to offer Aurifilosophy programs using a structured presentation and thread demonstration. Aurifilosophers travel the countryside in person or virtually to educate on thread basics, including information on weight and ply, spool positioning, needle recommendations, and tension settings.

They’ll offer helpful tips and tricks and will share projects and photos aimed to inspire and expand your creative use of Aurifil threads. Plus… at each Aurifilosophy event, program attendees will receive exclusive Aurifil swag!

To learn more about Aurifilosophy, view upcoming events, or locate an Aurifilosopher to speak at your shop, guild or group event, visit our website.


  1. The trouble shooting article was very insightful. I don’t remember to clean my machine often enough, so the reminder was good. I also forget how to adjust my tension to fix thread issues. I usually go the trail-and-error route and hope the issue gets fixed. I will probably refer to this article often. Thank you for the great tips and hints. The 2022 Color Builders look great! I am realy excited about June as I love blues.

  2. I am interested in the borough and Sashiko post as I haven’t tried borough yet. Love the colors in Jade a wine, but they are all beautiful. Thanks!

  3. As I read the title and description of each article, I thought, “That’s the one!”–meaning, I have so much to learn. But the Thread Troubleshooting article really is the one for me, as is December’s Spider Lily. I have no thread of those colors and yet often think I might need them.

    1. All the topics look very interesting and I intend to take in as much Aurifil information as I can however, I am very keen to learn more about the Edge Coloring Applique with 40wt thread. I have the complete set of 2021 Color Builders (40wt) so would like to know more about this.

      I have subscribed to the 2022 Color Builder year, the colours all look beautiful but the February issue looks divine.

      Yes, I am interested in the spider lily project too.

  4. I really appreciate the info on using monofilament thread for quilting. I usually use it for applique, but will try quilting and trapunto. The blue threads for June speak to me as my favorite color, and would be perfect for denim-y blue fabrics I’m collecting.

  5. I really am happy to see the monofilament thread article as I have some projects I want to finish with that thread.

  6. I was interested in the Thread Troubleshooting, Aurifil Monofilament Tips and Tricks, and the CrossStitch with Aurifloss. The months that most interest me are February, June, and November.

    1. I’m very interested in the 12wt bobbin work! I love the clean line designs Krista has used & her concise information.. She has a new follower in me! The month I’m excited for.. well two really… June & August… such beautiful colors it is hard to choose. Guess I really need a box of subtle colors to trial! Thanks for offering such lovely products

    1. I am interested in the nonviolent as it and I need to become friends.

      Love the February shades and hues of pink.

  7. I’m interested in flora builder thread set and your lotus flower project! Loved Barbara’s edge coloring applique. Never heard of using freezer paper on the RS. Not currently subscribed to the color builder but thinking about it.

  8. Jade vine is GORGEOUS ! I really in enjoyed Redbird Quilts quick take on monofilament. I was using it in bobbin also. Gonna try again.

  9. Very interested in the wool thread session using sewing machine! And anything variegated thread makes me so ing 😉

  10. “Quilt as desired” was very interesting t read. I didn’t realize there were so many different thread weights and what a difference they make! April’s colors are so intriguing, especially the variegated thread. I think it would be so much fun to use!

  11. I liked the tread troubleshooting and the free motion curved feathers….I want to learn to free motion quilt.

  12. I’ve been a subscriber to Auribuzz for awhile now and love the articles. I was especially interested in the Edge Coloring Applique. The batik flower she appliqued was just beautiful. Although I’ve been quilting/sewing for a long time my applique skills are where I need the most work. I am a sucker for PINK so I think the Amazon Lily with the gorgeous pink shades are my favorite with the December Spider Lily a close second as I’m working on a black, white and grey project now. I would be VERY interested in quilting the lotus project. Thanks so much, Karen….I love Wendy Sheppard and enjoyed your collaboration with her a few years ago. Happy New Year….I look forward to next months posting.

  13. Karen, thank you so much. Your year is sure to be Even more colorful. I loved your Monofilament feature because as you said it’s the unsung hero. How many times do I worry about coordinating colors : pretty much every project.:). So I should just choose Monofilament and my worries become a beautiful quilted item. My other favorite is Gwen and Wendy making their Aurifloss ornaments. As they indicated it’s virtually lint free. Plus just so cool to have a mom and daughter team teaching me all the tricks.

    My favorite month is February. The Stinking Corpse Lily. I luv that Aurifil is bringing attention and raising awareness for this .
    It includes my favorite color family too.

    Although I do not partake in a Color builder subscription, my local quilt shop carries these sets so I am able to build my stash that way.

  14. All these articles are intriguing! I must say, The thread troubleshooting is invaluable and I will refer to it in the future. If you don’t have a perfect stitch why buy the perfect thread! Aurifil thread is perfect! Of all the color builder collection I’d have to pick the stinking corpse lily. I’m bnnot a “pink person” but those threads just speak to me!

  15. Karen, I loved both your article on monofilament and the article on appliqué with the blanket stitch! Of course, I am look at your incredible work for hours! I love the look of the June collection- I love the blue.

  16. I have never heard of “Edge Coloring Applique”, so that is the article that I am most interested in! I love the idea of the Color Builders program, but I haven’t signed up. (Yet?) I’m not sure which month I am most excited about. Maybe February because pink is my favorite color? Or maybe June, because I would love to try thread painting a sky scene with all those beautiful shades of blue!

  17. 1. Which highlighted blog post interested you the most and why? I liked the edge coloring appliqué post as it was a new to me technique.
    2. Which Color Builder month or are you most excited to create with? I love blue – so like the June selection.

  18. I see a lot of people like the June colors. I do too! I would normally go for royal blues, but I like this color combination best. As for the posts, I should look at all of them, but I think the one I need most is the one on using monofilament. I have seen some wonderful work done with it, but I haven’t been brave enough to try it. Maybe this would get my nerve up enough to try!
    No, I don’t have a subscription. But I would be interested in following the Lotus Flower project!

  19. I enjoyed the Edge Coloring Applique with 40 weight Aurifil post. It provided me with the info I need to try this myself. Although it was difficult, and I finally pared it down to two finalists, I am most excited by the Color Builder month of June (but I also really like May as well). Can I have two favorites? lol. Also, August, February and October look fun too. How can you just chose one??? Hehe. Quilting of the Lotus flower sounds very intriguing!

  20. Great article on using monofilament thread! I use it with raw edge applique and couching, and not infrequently have to do some troubleshooting. Really glad for the suggestions in this article. Had not tried a longer stitch length with applique as was more focused on securing the piece.
    The Color Builder monthly subscription is gorgeous – plan to head to my local quilt shop to subscribe. Am particularly drawn to the August colors!

  21. I want to try the 12 wt in the bobbin. and I was delighted to read the tips on making perfect points when turning corners. I have had trouble with that. The peachy color of Feb, and the sea blue of august are my go-to colors. I am planning to sign up for the subscription!

    1. Please let me know if you give it a try, Nancy! It is a wonderful way to stitch out walking foot designs, whether inspired by traditional sashiko patterns, or something you draw out yourself.

  22. I enjoyed all of the articles, but especially the ones focusing on how to use heavier threads in a new, unexpected way. The article on monofilament thread was very helpful as well. I’ve had some bad experiences using different brands of monofilament in the past. I may need to try again using Aurifil.

    The colors for May, June and July would all look great together: Water Lily pinks, Passion Flower blues and Bird of Paradise yellow-orange. Fun!

  23. I would love to learn more about using the mono filament thread. Would also like to try using a different thread size for machine applique. Love all the colors. The variegated thread colors sound like fun to use in any project. I have taken a class with Karen a couple of years ago. Learned so much from Karen. Your articles were very helpful.

  24. Both edge coloring appliqué and quilting with monofilament thread were my reads tonight. Very informative. June color builder for me.Thank you!

  25. I will have to go back and look more closely at all of the thread articles, but especially the one on the monofilament thread. I don’t see too many quilters using it these days.
    I don’t have much experience with the variegated threads either, but I love the colors in the passion flower box.

  26. I think Quilt as Desired with all Aurifil thread weights
    by Donna Morales-Oemig of Follow That Thread interested me the most. Always wondering about choosing thread weights. I like the colors for June the best.

  27. I liked the Edge Coloring applique, because I have the Full Bloom quilt , prepped and ready for that exact step!!! I like the Walking Palm set … serene.

  28. The blog post that interested me most was Jo Avery’s on Modern Crewelwork. I love to do crewelwork but lately, I’ve been trying to do most of my embroidery on the machine. So the 12 wt. wool thread greatly interests me. I’m going to try doing crewel-like work on the machine on a linen substrate.

    All of the summer months’ colors look so delicious that I want to try each of them! But I think that I’ll try June’s blues first.

    I’d really like to learn more about your lotus flower. Perhaps an in depth chat like the one you did on your bicycle quilt last year? I’d be sure to attend!

  29. I like the Machine Blanket Stitch applique with 28 weight thread as I am interested in trying some applique projects. I think the June blues color builders look beautiful but had a hard time not also choosing the May roses and pinks!!

  30. I really like the Tips on Monofilament. It can be hard to work with. I think Annie Smith and Machine Blanket Stitch is a close second. I’m looking forward to June. My favorite color.

  31. Edge Coloring Appliqué with 40wt by Barbara Persing looks most interesting to me. I love blue so June’s passionflower colors are my favorite. Yes, I’m enrolled in this year’s Color Builders with HollyAnne Knight. I also would like to find out more about your lotus flower project.

  32. The thread trouble shooting blog was very helpful. I am a beginner machine quilter. Love the blues in the color builders, June is lovely.

  33. the Thread Troubleshooting article really did it for me, as does February’s Stinking Corpse lily. Love the name and it’s my birthday month.

  34. I found the troubleshooting post the most educational for me. Never know when trouble will hit you.
    I find December’s kit interesting

  35. 1. Which highlighted blog post interested you the most and why? “Thread troubleshooting”… because I was able to take a class with Karen a few years ago and that one encounter fired up my interest and skill so much!! She was so patient and knowledgeable with this novice, and I can always use so much more knowledge on how to take my quilting to another level!
    2. Which Color Builder month or are you most excited to create with? April–Golden Shrimp Plant: the tones just ‘sing’ to me…… I’m planning a bedroom do-over, and these are the best fit with what I have in mind.

  36. I’ve taken the Aurifilosophy class and loved it, so I’d choose the curling feathers! And of course, the June BLUE collection! 💙💙💙 I’m very interested in the lotus. I’ve never subscribed to a thread “club” or really anything; I’m afraid once I open that door I’d have to forego retirement and go back to work lol. 😳😳😳 Thanks Karen!

  37. 1. I found the edge coloring blog post very interesting. I like how the thread really highlights the object. 2. I am excited to create with the Jade Vine collection. I love the teals and would like to create a flower or water seen using these three colors. I haven’t enrolled in this year’s color builder sets yet. I would love to learn more about the lotus flower quilting. I want to improve my quilting techniques and enjoy learning more.

  38. How fun to go through all of the great information in these posts! I especially liked Machine Blanket Stitch Appliqué with 28wt by Annie Smith because sometimes this thicker thread is just the thing to highlight the shapes in my creation.
    I am most excited about creating with Amazon Water Lily. The colors are vibrant and soothing at the same time.
    I drooled over the subscription option, but with still working full time, I do not get enough sewing time to justify investing so much in thread right now. I am still building my regular50wt Aurifil colors. But a girl can dream . . . they are so pretty!

  39. I love Machine Embellishing. That looks like a great way to pair my love of applique with lovely Aurifil threads.
    I choose Golden Trumpet for the color builder. Such lovely golds. I usually pick blues, but lately i’ve been looking at autumn colors, so bright & beautiful.

  40. I enjoyed Edge Coloring Appliqué with 40wt
    by Barbara Persing because she takes one throught the whole process step by step. Beautiful work. I love the colors in the passion flower box. Love varigated colors.

  41. I enjoyed the trouble shooting article very much. I am a faithful Aurifil user and am always looking for way to take my quilting up a notch or two. I am enrolled in the 2022 color builders program and I am excited to try out some thread painting, and the flowers look like I could try it on some of those. I would love to hear more about the lotus flower project. Keep the inspiration coming……

  42. I forgot to say which one I’m looking forward. It would probably be the blue colorway, since I don’t have much in the blue family and I’m especially interested in using all the variegated colors.

  43. Hi and thank you for the blogs and mountain of information . I like the color block month of October very much. Also as a side note I would like to see more with variegated thread use.

  44. I am most interested in learning more about how to use the variety of weighted Aurifil threads in my projects, so Machine Embellishing Tips with all Aurifil thread weights by Tammy Silvers interests me most!

  45. I use a lot of yellows in my sewing and quilting projects, so July’s Bird of Paradise Color Builder really excites me!

  46. The Thread Troubleshooting will be referenced often, so many good tips. The wool thread used in a machine was eye-opening. I never would have tried that until I read this. The August Color builder could be my favorite (though how to pick a favorite when all are beautiful….). I like to shop at my LQS and get my Aurifil there.

  47. I have always wanted to try bobbin work. the 12 wt bobbin work article was very helpful in what to use and how to use them. Looking forward to the August color builders

  48. February is my birthday month and I love the colors. I’m anxious to try bobbin work and add that skill to my repertoire.

  49. What An Interesting Post! Love all to do with Aurifloss! Hand Embroidery+Crossstitch are my favorites Stitching Projects! Bobbin work, using 12wt. Threads sounds neat too! As does Machine Embellishments!

  50. Omg, I love so many of the articles but I am really interested in the wool article. The colors are gorgeous. I love August, I love turquoise. I’m planning on seeing if I can enroll, in the color builder subscription. Yes I definitely am interested in more quilting and a lotus flower.

  51. I love sewing machine appliqué using the blanket stitch, so I am interested in that presentation so I might pick up some additional pointers on sewing what I love.
    I had a hard time with the thread because they are ALL beautiful. But, if I have to pick just one, it would be the Passionflower or blues.

  52. Quilt as Desired – my goal is to learn how to quilt with varying weights to achieve the textures that will make my designs stand out.
    September is the color set I liked best. The more subtle hues are a perfect fit for my favorite fabric colors.

  53. I love the Plumeria collection wow I use those colors a lot. I learned a lot about the different weights of thread. I have never ventured into all the differences and was very interested in learning more.

  54. All the blog posts look very informative, but the one I was most interested in was Quilt as Desired with all the Aurifil thread weights by Donna Morales-Oemig. Quilting the quilt is my favorite part of the whole process and I would like to use different types of thread weights. I am practicing quilting on my longarm machine and I’m interested in doing a whole cloth quilt. I would love to use the Hawaiian Blue Ginger for this project.

  55. The “THREAD MATTERS 2021: WOOL, THE THREAD CINDERELLA” really caught my eye as I am doing a stitch-a-long for the whole year of 2022. I haven’t embroidered by hand in years and that article has a LOT of inspiration for me! I never thought of using ‘sewing’ threads for hand embroidery, nor using heavier wool threads. I didn’t even know such a product existed!
    The color way choices are amazing. I can hardly decide on February’s Stinking Corpse Lily or August’s Jade Vine. If I HAD to choose, I guess the August Jade Vine would be the one I’d most likely use.
    I’m not enrolled in the Color Builder subscription. I’m not sure about quilting the Lily flower project.

  56. Quilt as desired looks interesting since I’m always looking for ideas on how to quilt my tops. I’m looking forward to using the different weights of thread in my quilting. The color choices are amazing and there are several I want to check out, but the one I want to try first is August’s Jade Vine. I’m not subscribed to the Color Builder. I am interested in learning more about quilting the lotus.

  57. Quilt as Desired with all Aurifil thread weights looks very interesting to me. Truly all of them sound like such great learning opportunities. February’s Color Builder, Stinking Corpse Lily – just sounds great. I am not subscribed to color builder. I am interested in quilting the lotus flower.

  58. I am intrigued by your Monofil Tips and Tricks. There must be something there that I need to know. I love thread and want it all but I’ll select August because that’s when my birthday is. I would love to quilt like you do!

  59. I was most interested in the 12wt bobbin work post because I like the look of that thick thread for quilting, at least for certain projects, and I liked the Boro and Sashiko post because I’ve been very interested in learning more about Boro and Sashiko in general.

  60. 1. Machine Blanket Stitch Appliqué with 28wt because I love applique and love reading about applique techniques.
    2. I would like to start with June colors. So pretty.

  61. 1. I liked Karen Miller’s post on the Aurifil Monofilament thread, because quilting with that shows so much texture without competing with the colors in the piecing.

    I also liked Jo Avery’s post on the Aurifil Wool thread, because she has the most colorful and whimsical style, you get happy just looking at it!

    2. I am most excited to create with the May collection.

  62. I am new to redbird co. And have been watching Karens utube videos for at least a year now. Unfortunately I cannot sign up for the newsletter because the page doe not like my email for some reason. However reading here I am very interested in the Color builder subscription series and Karens Thread troubleshooting article. I struggle as im trying to learn more about needle size and various thread weights.I found her article most helpful and would love a PDF to keep on hand!
    Thank you!
    Annette Dombrowski

  63. I was enthralled by all of these posts! Everyone does such beautiful work. I’m trying to build my free motion skills so the post that most intrigued me was the Monofilament Tips and Tricks. I’ve had exactly the same struggles that you mentioned Karen, and I appreciated the advice! I love the tiny background filling that monofilament makes possible, and I want to master that. Your heron quilt is just gorgeous. My favorite Color Builder collection is April, because of the springy blue-green-yellow tones. And I would love to learn more about the quilting of the Lotus Flower!

  64. Quilt as desired with the aurifil different threadweights looks quite interestibg to me. my color builder collection would also be April as it includes many blues and yellows which I love as well as greens. Very springy!

  65. The monofilament post is interesting. I bought a spool a while back for some appliqué and have so far chickened out of using it. The January thread box looks like a very neutral variegated option to get started with and maybe get over my variegated fobia

  66. Quilt As Desired is always an interesting subject for me – everyone has their own style and there are So. Many. Ways. to make your quilt stand out! The greens (Walking Palm) are so lovely and serene shades.

  67. Love the article on monofilament thread
    I’m interested in the January, February (love the name of this one!!! 🤣) and December thread pack
    I’m not currently subscribed to the thread program

  68. I found thread troubleshooting to be extremely helpful. My machine has not handled the monofilament well but I plan to try it again.

    I like to use 12wt thread for hand embroidery so I love all the colors! When I piece with my machine I use a lot of light gray and ivory. Aurifil is my favorite thread!

  69. I always learn so much from the Aurifil newsletters! They inspire me! So many beautiful projects and winter is the best time to work on them!

  70. Oops, I did not follow directions! I really liked reading the machine embellishing tips with all weights of thread and the Thread Troubleshooting info! The Color Builder Month I am most interested in is February. I love the peach color and the title Stinkingcorpse Lily!🥰

  71. In the section on monofilament tips and tricks, I learned so much about how to use the thread and the type of needle to use. Maybe now I can sew with monofilament without all the breakage! Also love how it takes on the color it is covering.
    The Flora sampler is made of most of the color fabrics I use – love the variety of colors within that sampler.

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