Moda + Aurifil: Joanna Figueroa

We’re nearly done with our  Moda + Aurifil series and feeling a little sad! We’ve had so much fun featuring some of our favorite Moda designers and team members here over the last 2 weeks. We hope that you’re feeling inspired and ready to dive into some fabulous new projects! Today, we present two new collections from Aurifil & Moda designer Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co. Enjoy!

Joanna Figueroa (photo courtesy of Kim Niedzwiecki)

Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree & Co. is one of our very favorite designers! She’s got great style, mad design skills, and she’s both super sweet and super professional. Pretty much a dream designer! She has been with Moda since 2000 and has nearly 40 collections under her belt. Her style has been referred to as Fresh Vintage, a term that couldn’t be more perfect. The prints have that classic timelessness that screams of vintage style, but the colors are perfectly modern, fresh, and delightful.

Hazel & Plum is Joanna’s latest line with Moda. It features 40 prints in creams, browns, reds, yelllows, and greens. The prints and the color combos are stunning and Joanna has put together a handful of beautiful new patterns that perfectly highlight it all. She has also partnered with Weeks Dye Works to create a bundle of Wools that coordinate perfectly with the colors in Hazel & Plum. Partner the two and the creative possibilities are endless!

With the release of her two latest thread collections, Joanna now has 5 active collections with Aurifil. We love that she mixes things up… from floss to wool to 50wt, there are so many options with endless project possibilities. We’re thrilled to release these new collections out into the world!


Hazel & Plum
100% Aurifil Cotton, 10 Small Spools, 50wt (220yds/spool)
Colors included:
2000 – 2130 – 2214 – 2220 – 2277
2460 – 1231 – 2880 – 2930 – 2326

Farmhouse Wools
Aurifil Wool, 10 Small Spools, 12wt (54yds/spool)
Colors included:
8326 – 8130 – 8205 – 8212 – 8220
8535 – 8265 – 8142 – 8965 – 8898

To view this info on our website, click on the images above. For purchasing, please contact your local Aurifil Dealer.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I came to fabric design in a very circular route but have always worked with some kind of art form. I was a graphic design minor in college because my parents didn’t think that art was worthy of a major. I like to periodically remind them of that now that it is my career! Instead I took as many art classes as I could get away with, anything from printmaking, to paper-making, to sculpture to ceramics, to photography. You name it and I have probably done it. More recently I have studied fabric and surface design just to better my craft. I am working a lot lately on bettering my computer skills in this arena since I feel like that is where I am weaker. I love some of the tools that the computer offers fabric designers today.

Joanna at Spring Quilt Market 2017 via @figtreeandco

What first drew you to the world of sewing & quilting? 
My grandmother was an avid knitter, clothes sewer and did all kinds of handwork when I was growing up. I was the first grandchild in our family and loved to spend time with her more than with anyone else in our family, even my own parents on many occasions! The two of us had a special connection growing up that I can’t quite explain. She was never a quilter as quilting is not a know craft in Poland. But I credit her with the initial inspiration for my desire to sew. I often think of her when I am sewing.

Inspiration shelf via @figtreeandco

Tell us about Hazel & Plum. What inspired the designs?
Anyone that has followed along on my adventure for very long knows that autumn is hands down my favorite season. So whenever it comes times in my design schedule to work on a true autumn flavored collection, my creative juices flow and I usually over design by a lot. I could probably design 3 autumn flavored collections at once when I’m in that mode. Hazel & Plum is my interpretation of early fall in California. I wish that we had stronger seasons here but I can’t really complain about the weather. When I get an overwhelming need to experience more autumn color, I take a quick drive to Sonoma and I get instant golden hues, beautiful vineyards, crisp air, apple orchards, pumpkin patches and everything that means fall to me! This was my “official description” of the collection… Capturing the essence and colors of autumn in our classic Fig Tree style, this collection uses a few of our all-time favorite fall flavored prints along with new updated colors and fresh prints. Inspired y harvest time in the wine country, pumpkin patches, pomegranates and apple picking at dusk! I can just smell the scents of autumn when I play with these fabrics!”

Do you have a favorite project made with the collection? 
I know it’s not nice to have favorites but each time I create a new release, I end up having a favorite. For the quilts we made with Hazel & Plum, I think the Nutmeg Stars 2 quilt [the one on the cover of my Aurifil cotton threads assortment] is hands down my favorite. It’s just such a timeless pattern and showcases the fabric so well… and it has every single one of my favorite colors in it… what’s not to love :-)??

Nutmeg Stars 2 via @figtreeandco

When did you first discover Aurifil threads and what do you love most about them?
I first discovered Aurifil for piecing. I can’t live without my cream #2000 that I use for every single quilt I have pieced in the last 10 years. Once I discovered Aurifil, there was no going back for me! Since then I have fallen in love with the colors, the floss and now the wool threads that I am using to experiment with more stitching. It doesn’t hurt that it works perfectly with my new wool collection!

 Can you tell us a bit more about your Wool collection and your coordinating Farmhouse Wools thread collection? 
We have partnered with Weeks Dye Works to create our second bundle of yummy Fig Tree flavored wool! We are completely in love with this bundle and couldn’t be more proud of how the colors turned out and how wonderful it all looks together.  We just introduced our newest Wool Block of the Month for 2018 featuring this wool bundle and our newest collect for Aurifil, our Farmhouse Wool Thread collection. We are SO looking forward to working with these two products!

Fig Tree & Co has just released their new Wool BOM for 2018. These BOMs are wildly popular and such a great way to do some fun sewing throughout the year. If you signup, you get the entire stack of wools throughout the year & the brand new Farmhouse Wools thread collection! Joanna tells us that wool is super easy and forgiving to work with especially if you are new to appliqué. Click here to learn more and check out the announcement — click here to shop.


To enter-to-win either Joanna’s Hazel & Plum thread collection + a bundle of Hazel & Plum by Fig Tree for Moda OR the Farmhouse Wool thread collection + a Wool pattern bundle (patterns release at Fall Quitl Market and will ship in November), click HERE to head to the Rafflecopter entry page, or simply click on the image above. We will select TWO random winners! You do not have to complete all the options to be entered but the more options you choose, the more entries you have!  Entries will be accepted from now through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Thursday, October 5! Winner will be randomly selected and announced here on Friday, October 6. Good luck!


WebsiteBlog — FacebookInstagramPinterest — Twitter

In Joanna’s words: I clearly remember creating my little colorful painting “masterpieces” in the backyard when I was 9 years old and then walking around the neighborhood convincing all of our neighbors to buy them. I guess in thinking back, you could say that both art and marketing has been in my blood since I was very young!

When we emigrated to the U.S. from Poland in 1975, my dad had a few thousand dollars in his pocket, a desire to make a better home for his family and a passion for creating a small business. My sister and I grew up working for the family business in one way or another until we moved away from home. Some of the most treasured times I can remember with my dad were spent talking “business talk” whenever we saw him. In the earlier years it was about his business, but as I grew older the conversations always centered around his advice for Fig Tree. Those conversations frame so much of what I do today!

My desire to create something almost always starts with the color. I get kind of weird excited about color! I believe that beautiful color combinations are everywhere if we can just train our eyes to see them. And colors that we see everyday, suddenly look fresh and new when put together into an unexpected grouping. I love that!

My designs, both for fabric & for quilting, always start with the color palette first and the design second. I work with vintage fabric swatches, my flower garden, wrapping paper, children’s illustrations from the early part of the last century, flea market finds, antique quilts, all to start finding colors that speak to me. The palette dictates the designs themselves and slowly a collection or a quilt grows. I call myself a hybrid fabric designer. I like to use many different mediums and techniques to create my designs including vintage fabric inspiration, painting with gouache, computer illustration, line drawings, sketches just to name a few.

To read more of Joanna’s beautiful story, please visit her website here.

[Bio lives on Moda’s blog — thanks Moda!]


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Thanks for following along & Happy Stitching!


  1. If I were to win the wool bundle I would make a wall hanging filled with wool birds embellished with stitch. If I were to win the fabric, I’d love to try the nutmeg 2 stars pattern.

  2. I’d like to try the “nutmeg stars” too. It looks complex but can be broken down into “doable” parts. Yummy colors!

  3. First, both packages are wonderful and I would be grateful to win either. If I won the wool, I would make a wall hanging and if I won the cotton, I would make a lap quilt. Both will look wonderful with my decor. Thanks for the opportunity to win this giveaway.

  4. I would make a quilt if I were to win the Hazel and Plum, as for the wool I would make wall hangings. Everything is so beautiful. Thank you for the chance.

  5. I would make a beautiful quilt with the Fig Tree fabrics. I know it would be beautiful because of those gorgeous fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Fabric and the wool are both winners in my book, I love to play and create with both!
    Thanks Moda, Aurifil and Fig Tree Designs for your generosity.

  7. Very pretty collection! I’d make a new Charity Quilt with most of it and some little Christmas Pin Cushions for gifts! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’ve been drooling over the Hazel and Plum collection since I saw the sneak peak a few weeks back. Lovely!

  9. I love Fig tree fabrics and I would like to make a quilt from a pattern I just designed. As for the wool I’m allergic so wouldn’t make anything with it.

  10. Both giveaway collections are fantastic! I see a quilt & pin cushions & a sewing machine cover & an apron & a felted floral wall hanging! Limited only by my imagination! Thank you, Susan

  11. I would make sets of make-up brush/cosmetic bags for girlfriend gifts at Christmas time! I know they’d love them!

  12. I love Nutmeg Stars 2 pattern — and every single fabric Joanna designs. Like many others, I’m a huge fan and have a small stash of her fabrics in my little cupboard. I plan to add Hazel and Plum! The wool fabric and thread look amazing. I would love to make a small quilt for my sunroom.

  13. I love Fig Tree and have made quilts for my mother, both daughter in laws and my sister in Fig Tree fabric. So I would make a table runner for myself, I really need a new one.

  14. I love Joanna’s sense of color and enjoy sewing with her fabrics. If I were to win some lovely fabric of her’s, I’d make a bed size quilt to snuggle under!

  15. If I won the wool collection I would try making embroidery Christmas ornaments. If I won the fabric I would make a cute quilt.

  16. Joanna’s fabrics are always so beautiful! I’m anxious to try out some applique with her new wools.

  17. Love the Nutmeg Star. I made a little 5 inch one and pinned it to the design wall. Won’t get lost on the bucket list that way! Love the colors of this collection!

  18. Joanna’s fabrics and patterns are my favorite! I made my very first quilt with Fig Tree Cinnamon Stars fabric. I would love to try a wool project with the Aurifil wool thread and the lovely Fig Tree wools.

  19. I’ve never done wool appliqué before but would love to try, and mixing that with this gorgeous new fabric line would make the perfect quilt! And Joanna, fall is my favorite season too!

  20. Enjoyed the article on Joanna and seeing the beautiful colors that she uses. Nice to see thread for those wool projects.

  21. I love Joanna’s fabric — the designs – the colors and the lovely projects that can be made
    from them. Would be wonderful to win — thank you for the opportunity.

  22. Ooooh my goodness! Love Love LOOOOOOVE Joanna’s fabric collections..& “Hazel & Plum” is Gorgeous!! Have never used wool..but I would definitely learn to make aTreasure! 🙂 The fabrics & threads would become a Quilt..and every lil scrap would be made into all I could stretch it to be! lol Thank you for the chance to win your give-a-way! 😀

  23. I love making quilts with fig tree fabrics and patterns and of course I always use aurifil thread. I’m currently enrolled in all 5 BOM programs and love each and everyone! I was new to wool and love the feel and colors. Its easy to work with and the threads match perfectly. Thank you Joanna for all your hard work. You allow us to create beautiful treasures to share! I’m always working on something figtree! I’m currently making my first pouches and bags, along with Needlecases and of course its everything figtree!!!!. I’m patiently awaiting hazel and plum to get to work on her new patterns.

  24. I would make one of Joanna’s projects. I really do love this collection!! Especially love Nutmeg Stars.

  25. I’d love to make some fall decor–fabric pumpkins and a mini maple leaf quilt, maybe some fabric apples and pears as well. The colors are SO beautiful!

  26. I am very excited to be joining so many talented quilters with the 2018 Wool BOM. Every article I read prepares me for my first time appliqueing with wool. The colors are beautiful.

  27. Joanna, you continue to wow me with your collections and patterns. I love your colors. Your new wools are beautiful, I just want a big stack to hold and admire. I would use them to make a lap quilt. Aurifil thread collections are such fun to collect and use. I cannot use my other brands of thread now, they just don’t compare. Both collections are lovely.

  28. Such a pretty grouping. I need to make a quilt for my great-niece. I know she would love these colors.

  29. This fabric has to go into a quilt!! It’s beautiful. I’ve been a fan of Joanna since I took one of her Craftsy classes. She’s a great teacher and quilter.

  30. I would really love to make some bright pretty pillows with this. I’m moving to Florida and I just need more bright colors in my living room to live up that Sunshine state !

  31. My aunt just moved from her home of 40+ years into a nursing home. I would love to make her a cheerful quilt with these lovely fabrics, to brighten the room of her new home. She has always been incredibly special to me, a strong, resilient woman, and now, in her 90’s, she continues to exhibit both strength and resilience, but I’d like to take care of her a wee bit if I can.

  32. Nutmeg Stars 2 is my choice to make, love the colors and design. I’ve been wanting to try some wool applique and these yummy colors would be a great start.

  33. I am anxious to try the wool and the wool thread. One of Joanna’s wool patterns would be a good place to start.

  34. Excited to learn about the yummy wool!
    I would make a pillow with the wools or fabric – all of it looks fabulous!

  35. With the fabric/thread combo I would make Nutmeg Stars 2 – a lap quilt and table runner! With the wool/thread I would make my first wool project with a black wool background!!

  36. I would probably make a throw for my living room. Fig tree fabrics work so well with my decor. Love them. Thanks for the giveaway

  37. I would make the Nutmeg 2 Quilt. It is beautiful. The colors and their values are just to my taste! I would love to win!

  38. I love the distinctive look of Fig Tree projects. Quilts to bring me comfort on a chilly day are my passion, so I would make a quilt with the treasures I win. Thanks for the giveaway.

  39. I’d make a wool applique quilt: I have so many of Joanna’s patterns, I’d have plenty to guide me. I have probably all of her collections: this would just go perfectly with all the others!! Thanks for the opportunity!! Hugs, H

  40. Lots of fabric baskets, to stash my kitchen towels, utensils in the drawers, corral the odds/ends on top of the counter tops too. I love orange and AUtumn so Hazel & Plum is definitely my color palette.Thank you for every tidbit in this post…

  41. The wool would be so yummy for any project. The fabric looks great in the nutmeg stars but it would work for so many patterns.

  42. I love all things Fig Tree and have made several quilts from Fig Tree patterns and fabric. I would love to make Nutmeg Stars or a gorgeous wool wall hanging or both actually.

  43. Love the fabric line and the wools, and of course Aurifil threads. A table runner and/or mat would be perfect.

  44. With Hazel and Plum I would make a quilt, and with the Farmhouse wools, I would do a wool applique project, maybe a quilt or maybe several smaller projects. It would be fun to make Christmas gifts with the wool set.

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